The COVID-19 has taken a big toll on us , Washing hands and using masks are the first and main defense against this deadly virus.
The Vijay Social Welfare Society is taking an initiative to provide this basic necessity to all the people around who are not aware , and people who cannot afford the masks.
MASK FOR EACH campaign has been launched. We determine to :

  1. Provide 50,000 masks to the vulnerable population .
  2. Make the usage of only biodegradable cloth masks.
    3.Avoid the usage of synthetic masks.
    4.Make everyone aware of the harmful effects of synthetic/non-biodegradable masks.

Our Aim: To reach donation of 2 Lakhs

Campaign update : Produced 20,000 masks for distributions.

Not only are doctors, healthworkers , police etc. are the cCOVID-19 Warriors. YOU can also be a covid-19 warrior by donating masks which makes you capable of saving lives too ! Come forward and donate !

Vijay Sankalp

Women face a lot of problems in their day to day life. It may be because of the lack of knowledge about their rights or because of the lack of awareness amongst them, that they deserve a happy and wholesome life. The increase in crime rates against women, calls for their protection and to give them knowledge on how they can protect themselves and the practise where some women choose to silently suffer in the crisis can only be removed if they are made to believe that they have their own rights to life and happiness.

Vijay Social welfare Society aims at creating a better and happy environment for women, with the mission of developing concern and creating overall development and growth of underprivileged women, who must be helped to realise their potential to lead a dignified life.
It is our duty to help other women in understanding where they must actually be standing in the society and what all can they do. A famous quote, “Educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a family.” asserts to this.

VSWS creates awareness and helps women through different programmes like “Vijay Sankalp” and “Vijay Nirog”, projects like these aim at providing classes to the children and women on various skills like personality development, and also trainings like self-defence so as to help them become self-dependent and self sufficient and also, spreads awareness on health, hygiene, sex- education etc. As a part of this initiative, we are taking a foot forward to spread awareness among these women about their basic Rights that are provided to them under our Legal System and to help them understand the rights.

The Contents of the following document are , the stats and data on women’s present status in India, their Constitutional Rights, their Legal Rights under different laws, their Marital Rights, and other rights like Right of Parental Home and Maintenance and so on.

World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, June 5, 2020 an online discussion was organized by Vijay Social Welfare Society on the topic “Paryawaran se lagav: Corona se bachhav “The program aims to spread awareness for environmental protection and share experiences of enviromentalist with the younger generation.It was attended by guestShri Prem Joshi, Col Anurag Shukla, Dr. Gunwant Joshi as guest speakers. Shri Prem Joshi performed with information on the use and importance of Agnihotra method for purifying the environment.Col. Shukla told the importance of sustainable living style by making a visit to his form house ‘Aashray’ by giving a live example.Dr. Gunwant Joshi gave information about the importance of conservation of water and pond and efforts being made to purify the water.There was Q n A session at the end to satisfy the queries of audiences.The program was conducted by Madhuri Moyde from Vijay Social Welfare Society, Shri Vaibhav Trivedi, in the end, presented vote of thanks .

Defence programme

Self defence programme was conducted by TI Mr. Puri and lawyer Ms.Asha today. Around 100 children were benefited by this programme# wonderful experience