Annual Day Celebration

It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the annual day celebration of Shiksha foundation. Children performed various events and extra curricular activities to showcase their talents. Thanks Sarita Bindal ji for inviting me in this beautiful event.


A unique Birthday celebration at VSWS

A very unique Birthday Celebration took place at VSWS on June 7, 2022. Our volunteer, Anurag, decided to celebrate his birthday with the kids of our summer camp in the slums of Shanti Nagar. Children were really excited for an event including dance, balloons, chocolates, cakes, Maggie, games and a lot more. The kids were so happy that they very beautifully decorated the hall themselves for the celebration and welcomed us with open arms at the community hall. VSWS team with huge support from our volunteers Shivam, Nandika and Somitra, prepared Maggie, fruit juices and even distributed clothes to the young slum dwellers. This truly made the day cherishable for each one of us present there.#IndoreNews#letsdogood#Indore#indorewale#indorecity#indoreinfo#indorediaries#inspiration

Seed ball making workshop on World Environment Day

On the occasion of world environment day, June 5,2022 Vijay Social Welfare Society conducted various Seed making workshops in association with GCT. In the workshops children understood the importance of plants in our life and how seed balls are going to help us to grow more trees. Children were very excited to contribute in preserving the natural resources and in turn collectively made 2000 seed balls. At the end, this event was celebrated and appreciated by numerous local and national organizations and govt entities. Special thanks to Mr. Dinesh Mandhanya for guiding us.


Refreshing drinks provided to vegetable vendors and their customers by young volunteers of VSWS

20 young VSWS volunteers took an initiative to provide refreshing drinks like Jaljeera and chilled water to the vegetable vendors and their customers amid the scorching heat in the Monday Sabji Mundi.

Also, various packets of biscuits were distributed to the little ones coming with their parents and sitting in this heat to sell vegetables.

It was a beautiful experience for the whole VSWS team to support these poor vendors and their family members. The team worked with the motto “har pyase ki pyaas bhujhana..” Let’s do good

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Adoption of “10” Anganwadi’s to support Madhya-Pradesh Chief Minister Campaign

CM of MP has started a campaign, Adopt an Aanganwadi , to improve the quality of their working. To support this initiative VSWS has adopted 10 Aangawadi’s and has been successfully handling it’s functions. Today VSWS team has donated a ceiling fan, various toys, stationary items and a table to an aanganwadi in Dheeraj Nagar. The team had a lot of fun with multiple learning activities .Special thanks to Mr. Prakalp Jain and Priyanka…Let’s do good!

Summer Camp Organized by VSWS

VSWS welcomed Acropolis students during summer camp where the kids had a lot of fun, they played games together, danced on party songs , did distribution of stationery items and chocolates. Lots of enjoyment and Masti !! Let’s do good 😊

Let’s Do Good

A seven years old boy Vedansh Namdev has multiple disabilities and is not able to move, speak, hear or even see completely. He is totally bed ridden and the mother bearing another child, with no physical impairment, is a divorcee and works on daily wages. She had approached VSWS for support as she wasn’t able to take care of this child any more due to her work regime. Doctors are also not in any position to say about him and no specific treatment is available at all.. He just lives on milk. VSWS enquired about everything and after general medical investigation and covid test, he has been shifted to Shri parmanand hospital Panchkuiya with the help of Bal Kalyan samiti. Thanks to Ms Pallavi Parwal and Anita ma’am for helping us in this noble cause. Let’s do good!