मिट्टी के सकोरो का घर -घर जाकर निशुल्क वितरण

गरमी के दिनों में पंछी प्यास से बेहाल न हो, इसलिए विजय सोशल वैलफेयर सोसाइटी द्वारा मिट्टी के सकोरो का घर -घर जाकर निशुल्क वितरण किया गया । इस आग्रह के साथ कि इन सकोरों को सभीअपने घरों की छत,आंगन और बगीचों में भरकर रखेंगे। इस चिलचिलाती धूप में पंछीयो की प्यास बुझाना हमारा कर्तव्य है…..

Door-to-door distribution of Mud Bowls free of

MAY 11, 2019

Birds do not suffer from thirst during hot days, so free of cost mud bowls were distributed
door-to-door by the Vijay Social Welfare Society. With the insistence that all these bowls
will be kept in the roofs, courtyards, and gardens of their houses. It is our duty to quench the
thirst of birds in this scorching sun.
As we can nowadays observe that the population of these beautiful creatures is diminishing
and one of the reasons for that is the scarcity of freshwater. It is our duty to protect them. As
ordinary citizens, we cannot do much for them but at least we can do is to provide them
water. We can fill these mud bowls (Sakora) with shallow water and put them at those spots
where it is easy for birds to notice. Precaution is to be taken here that we should not use
narrow bowls as water in them will be deep enough for bids and they will not come. So, the
better option is to use wide mud bowls with shallow water in it. There is an advantage in
using mud bowls as they feel natural to even birds and other bowls made up of different
things might be uncomfortable for birds.
It is a very good scenery watching birds come and drink water. The chirping of birds is
always a good thing to hear and it also give us a feeling of nostalgia.