Food packets distribution

Food packets distributed to the needy ones at this difficult time let’s join hands we can come out of this if we help the one’s who need our help and also take precautions be safe and keep helping #letsdogood

Joy of Giving

The joy of giving is the most happiest thing that you can ever give to people in need around you share what u have to see them smiling ?
Have you experienced this yet??

Diwali…Team Nanhi Udaan

आज team Nanhi Si Udaan बस्ती के बच्चो के साथ मिठाई ,भोजन एवं कुछ जरूरतमंद चीज़ें जैसे कि स्कूल के लिए पानी की बोतल , बच्चियों को कपड़े आदि वस्तु वितरण कर दिवाली का यह पावन त्यौहार मनाया ? feeling happy to see young people taking initiative…. Happy Deepawali