Join the Movement

As Field Manager :

A field manager has a duty of visiting sites to fulfil the task and work assigned. As VSWS works with different institutions and organisations, we require a good number of people to join us in our campaigns and help us in the physical work. On joining us, you will be exposed to ample number of chances to prove yourself and do good for the society. This will help you in learning the applicability of your skills for a good cause.

As Volunteer:

Have you ever tried charity? If not, you should surely do it. Charity and volunteering for good causes always bring you peace and satisfaction within yourselves. Vijay Social welfare Society has been actively working for all those people who need to be empowered and help. We have around 100 volunteers who are tirelessly working for the good of others. Join us as volunteers and be a part of the movement where you will learn so many new things and you will be surprised with the happiness these works bring.

As Member:

VSWS is a team of all those passionate people who join their hands together to bring about a change in the society. We are fervent about leaving no stones unturned, which eventually leads us to needing more helpful hands. Our mission for creating awareness and sense towards the root problems of the society can be fulfilled when we have some dedicated members working with us. Hence, join us as a member and be a part of our drive to tackle obstacles and bring about changes.

As Donor:

To reach our goal, VSWS runs various campaigns which need funding. We strive to educate and protect the underprivileged sections of the society as well as to create a happy environment for them. Hence, you can donate to us, which will enable you to become a part of our movement. As a non- profit organisation, we can assure that all the donations and help we receive, goes towards the benefit of  the people related to us.

As Intern:

VSWS welcomes all those who want to do any good to the society, if not anything else, you can be a intern and work with us in different areas of your interest. Our organisation has a several areas which require helpful hands. You can join us as interns and put your interest and zeal towards these areas. Around 250 interns have successfully worked our teams, where these interns have learnt the practicality of work and the applications of their skills in different areas.

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