India against child abuse

Jan 30,2023

slum area of Maha lakshmi Nagar, Ring road Shanti Nagar

Jan 18,2023

Slum area of Scheme 114 and in the Government Hindi girls primary school LIG

Jan 10,2023

Aanganwadi of Brijeshwari Nagar Indore

Jan 12,2023

Baby Care School Nanda Nagar Indore

Jan 11,2023

Shanti Nagar

Dec 15,2022

Slum area scheme 140,Indore

Dec 14,2022

Aanganwadi Dheeraj Nagar

Dec 14,2022

Government Hindi Girls Middle School Khajrana square,Indore

Dec,3 2022

Government Higher Secondary School, Musakhedi


Virat Nagar Garden,Indore

India against child abuse session done in Pipliyahana Aanganwadi

November 24,2022

On November 15th, 2022

An Awareness session was conducted at the Bhuri Tekri to make children know about the ways in which child abuse takes place and what the child helpline number is.

India against Child abuse

Two out of every three children in India are physically abused. Out of 69% children physically abused, 54.68% were boys. Over 50% children were being subjected to one or the other form of physical abuse. Out of those children physically abused in family situations, 88.6% were physically abused by parents.

It should be a joint effort by the parents, society, and the government to safeguard the children against all forms of abuse and neglect. A multidisciplinary approach is required to provide early intervention, educate children and parents against such forms of neglect and abuse.

This Child Awareness program initiated by Vijay Social Welfare Society aims to make children aware of such dangerous situations. We hope to educate them about saving themselves.

This will help in lowering the number of cases and making India a safer place for children.

There was session conducted on Nov 08,2022 for children in Bheel colony to make them understand the types of Child abuse and how to protect themselves from this.

They were also told about Good and Bad touch and Child helpline no. 1098


Diya making workshop

Diya making workshop done for the specially abled kids of Saraswati Bal sanskar shivir in Ganesh Datt Mandir.Diya’s were outsourced from a SHG and the painting was done by the interns of the organisation, then after the glitter decoration, the packaging and arrangement was all done by the organisations kids final step of making them ready to sell was done by everyone together.The workshop was a very successful one and all the 5000 packages that are ready to sell are with us.If anyone of you feels like donating and helping the specially abled kids can buy this packet of 6 Diya’s beautifully decorated and packed with love by these lovely kids.Let’s do good#special kids#disabled#saraswati sanskar bal kalyan shivir

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*SPREADING SMILES WITH SIGN *’Signs are to eyes what words are to ears’

On the occasion of the International sign language day, Vijay social welfare society and Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension (DLLE) conducted a workshop ‘Spreading smiles through signs’ in collaboration with Mrs. Geeta Bhatia Sharma. The aim of this workshop was to promote the importance of Indian Sign Language. Many people who suffer from the unfortunate of deafness in our country suffer to communicate, even their parents and family members cannot help them, or communicate with them. With the use and awareness of Indian Sign Language (ISL), these circumstances may change. VSWS aims at helping them, helping all those underprivileged women and kids who belong to the deaf community with the promotion of Indian Sign Language and creating its awareness. Mrs. Geeta Bhatia started her own initiative “ANNUKARMA” to bridge the gap between hearing impaired and the hearing society and wants the Indian government to recognize the Indian Sign Language as a part of Indian languages so it can be used in universities and schools as a median of teaching and learning. Over 60 participants interacted in this session, from youngsters to the elderly. Mrs. Geeta Bhatia started the session with basics, such as alphabets and greetings. With a little revision in between, she then taught us how to introduce ourselves and family members, asking someone about the day, asking about food all the basics interactions that may come in handy when interacting in Indian Sign Language. The session with the interactions suddenly became intriguing and informative. The session was attended by more than 70 participants. After the worthy session, Mrs. Geeta took her to leave and promised us another informative and interactive session soon.


International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is an annual international commemoration observed on September 8th that was established by UNESCO on October 26, 1966. Its goal is to emphasise the value of literacy to people, communities, and society. Vijay social welfare society has worked to provide education to the needy with its program “Nanhi Udaan”.
VSWS conducted many programs which involved kids to do E-poster making, roleplaying, speech writing and many more to increase the awareness of education. VSWS also focused on educating girls to promote and create awareness of “women’s education” This year, to bridge the education gap, the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has declared that International Literacy Day 2021 will be held under the subject “Literacy for a Human-Centred Recovery: Narrowing the Digital Divide.”
Together let’s promote literacy through this new way of digital learning.


Vijay Social Welfare Society and Choitharam Hospital Conducted Online Session On World Organ Donation Day “SAVE A LIFE AFTERLIFE”

World Organ Donation Day August 13,2021 “SAVE A LIFE AFTERLIFE”

The best donation of life… Organ donation.

The online session on creating awareness regarding Organ Donation was held by Vijay Social Welfare Society on the occasion of World Organ Donation Day with Dr. Ajay K Jain, Dr. S. Chamania and Dr. Suresh Sharda. Dr. Ajay K Jain is a senior consultant and the Head of the department of Gastroenterolgy, Choithram hospital and research centre of Indore. Fellowship BIDMC, Harvard University, Baston MA, United States and DNB National Board of Examination, New Delhi. Dr. S. Chamania is a General Surgeon and Co-founder of inter burns. She is also a director of interburns training centre for training the multi-disciplinary burn teams, Chief of burn unit, skin bank Choithram Hospital and research center Indore. Dr. Suresh Sharda is a Consultant Laparoscopic surgeon, Liver transplant at Choithram hospital and research centre of Indore. He is awarded Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery in Colorectal Surgeries and involved in more than 5000 Laparoscopic Surgeries. The moderator of the seminar was Ms. Madhavi Moyde. At first the presentation was given by Dr. Ajay K Jain. He discussed about heart, Liver transplant which held many years ago. He also cleared all the myth of Organ Donation. In India everyday more than thousands require organs for survival. He encourages all of us to believe the slogan “SAVE A LIFE AFTERLIFE”. Secondly, Dr. S. Chamania explained us about burn problems and encouraged us to donate skin. She also gave us the important of the world statistic of skin burns. Lastly Dr. Suresh Sharda explained the terms and conditions of donating organs and he perfectly discussed about the laws made by the govt. regarding donations of blood and organs. At the end Dr. Suresh Sharda also presented an inspiring video how Donation of organs and blood plays an important to many lives. A person can save several lives through it and how precious it can be. The video was so inspiring and emotional as well. The participants interacted very well and session was great as there was also a Q&A session where the students including us could clear all their doubts. The whole program was very much informative, inspiring, all of us acquired massive knowledge and all the myth has been cleared and hopefully soon all of us will come out with a big heart towards donating blood as well as Organ (afterlife) to give someone a way to a new life.

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Vijay Social Welfare Society Conducting Online Session on ‘Women’s health in Adolescence’

The online session of Women health in Adolescence held by Vijay Social Welfare Society on August 8,2021 with Dr. Jaya Chhabra ma’am being the main speaker of the session. Dr. Jaya Chhabra ma’am is a Obstetrician and Gynecologist. The seminar was on health nutrition,Menstrual hygiene and all the other topics. The students interacted very well and session was great as there was also a Q&A session here the students could clear all their doubts. As a girl/woman, everyone has faced an issue during Adolescence andmenstruation period. All the doubts were cleared by Dr. Jaya Chhabra ma’am regardingfoods, habits, mental health. The seminar was great and every student including us have learned a lot of things as now a days mental health plays an important role, it will help them for the rest of their life.

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