Ecofriendly Ganesha

30 August 2019 # Ecofriendly Ganesha # Vijay Social Welfare society conducted workshop for 200 kids of Prudential Kids school# shudh Mitti with panchdravya # session on conservation of water bodies # Great experience

Take Care

Plantation done last year# taken care # Now one year old # at Mandsour

Eco Friendly Ganesha Workshop

Ecofriendly Ganesha making workshop # 25 August 2019 conducted by Vijay social welfare society attended by all age groups# Dr. Gunwant Joshi,
Ex Chief Scientist,Pollution Control Board Member, water and lake conservation society, took session on conservation of rivers n Ganpati viserjan…. Thankful to Mr. Sunil Vyas from pollution control board, Dr. Joshi, Mr. Bhatnagar & Mr. Sandeep Pare for their graceful presence and motivating people for this habit of good work.

Value Education

Value education # session with Annada didi Brahmkumari # many stories on how to built character # very useful for kids….great learning