Weekend Activity

Weekend spent well. U tend to Come with 50% more energy after spending quality time with these lovely children and wish to Spend all my weekends with the same energy made them play play games and did lots of cool and new activities let’s join hands for a good cause #nanhiudaanteam #letsdogood

Polio NID

over 200 children given polio drops at Shaskiye Ucchatar Madhyamik School, Mangiliya, Indore

Session on Menstrual hygiene, sanitation and health

Session on Menstrual hygiene, sanitation and health conducted in Government Higher secondary school rau which was attended by 150 girls of different classes after which they were taught basic things which are to be followed during the monthly menstrual cycles. #letsdogood

Good touch and bad touch

Session on Good touch and bad touch for Government middle school conducted for 60 girls and disscused self defence techniques with them, told them how they can overcome difficult situations and stand strong come what may this is what they need to know which would make them less prone problamatic situations that are very frequently happening in today’s world. #letsdogood