Menstrual Hygiene Management Programme

Menstrual hygiene management is a prime aspect of hygiene for women all over the world. Menstrual hygiene day is celebrated every year on 28th May to highlight the importance of menstrual hygiene and to create awareness amongst the people. Unfortunately even today talking about menstruation is considered a taboo in many societies. Consequently adolescent girls and women in many parts of the country are ignorant about menstruation hygiene which has irrefutably given rise to innumerable urinary and vaginal infections. Menstruation hygiene includes using sanitary napkins , tampons or menstrual cups instead of old pieces of clothes which are used by women in the rural areas. Changing pad or tampon time to time is very essential. Used pads should be disposed safely and we need to keep in mind to wash our hands after disposing pads or tampons and keep the vaginal area clean. Since many women in the rural areas are not well aware of menstrual hygiene hence NGOs organize campaigns to spread awareness and impart knowledge in this field. Vijay Social Welfare Society is one such NGO .It has donated around 5000 sanitary napkins and conducted awareness campaigns to 20 schools and 15 Aanganwadies in association with SG foundation and herbalife to educate girls on menstruation and it’s hygiene. Sessions were conducted on not only hygiene but also on adolescent changes which includes physical, emotional and psychological changes and nutrition ie importance of balanced diet.
Sessions were conducted by experts of these fields.
Initiative should also be taken by the government for making sanitary napkins available to every woman so that no girl has to drop out of school and all the women can lead a comfortable life .

Names of Schools

  1. Govt.Higher secondary school Manglia
  2. Govt. Higher secondary school Kanadia
  3. Vivekanand Higher secondary school
  4. Bal Vinay Higher secondary school
  5. Nandanagar Higher secondary school
  6. Merit Higher secondary school
  7. Nehru Nagar government school
  8. Velocity public school
  9. Govt.Higher secondary school Musakhedi
  10. Nehru Nagar Middle school


  1. Gwaltoli
  2. Pipliyahana
  3. Ambedkar nagar
  4. Naya basera
  5. Shanti nagar
  6. Rala mandal
  7. Pipri gram
  8. Dwarka puri
  9. scheme 140
  10. Vijay nagar

Women also need training for maintaining personal hygiene and educating their girl child about Menstruation# Let’s do good

Session 4 with Nandanagar HSSchool girls, we’ve had the best time with these girls they are amazing and the way we interact with each other now makes me feel that we are doing something very important and making them confident.#Let‘sdogood

Session II at Velocity public school#Dec22,2020 Pipliyahana#55girls#many questions,lot of disscusion#Let’s dogood

Menstrual hygiene management program#Session -3 Menstrual hygiene practices# Bal Vinay Mandir # 55girls wonderful session # Herbalife# Jan 2,2021

Menstrual hygiene management program#Session -3 Menstrual hygeine practices#Girls Higher secondary school Manglia # 55girls# lots of queries Successfully completed#Herbalife# VSWS,Indore

Menstrual hygiene management program# Session 2 Challenges and remedies related to Menstruation # Shanti nagar #45 girls# lots of disscussion#Let’s do good#Herbalife#Jan1,2021

Girls higher secondary school Musakhedi#55girls # lots of learning with fun# Menstrual hygiene management program# Session 1#Introduction to Menstruation was successfully conducted#March 16,2021

Session-1 Menstrual hygiene Management conducted in Nandanagar Aanganwadi with girls….Feb 22,2021

Wonderful session with girls of Abha kunj society on Challenges and remedies relating to Menstruation…Thanks to Dr.Lalita Sharma Feb 26,2021

Session -3 On Menstrual hygiene practice with 50girls of Pipliyahana Aanganwadi…lots of disscusion on the topic Feb 28,2021

Day 12#Session 2 VSWS in association with SG foundation conducted in Nandanagar H.S. school #200girls in two days lot of queries solved with new information related to adolescent health issues and hormonal changes # Herbalife Dec15

Day 11# VSWS in association with SG foundation # Gwaltoli Aanganwadi another informative session with lots of interaction and fun done in presence of Mrs. Sangeeta Vijayvargiya Pariyojna Adhikari Women and child development department and Ms Nisha supervisor Gwaltoli Aanganwadi…thank you so much for their cooperation in this nobel cause #herbalife

Day 10#Vivekanand H.S.School VSWS in association with SG foundation startedThe Sankalp Project which aims to help young girls by providing more knowledge about menstruation and personal hygiene. Women from rural areas use a piece of cloth and this leads to many infections. These infections increase and create complicated problems. It can even lead to infertility. Therefore, it is important to remind girls about the problems menstruation can create and how they can tackle it. We have visited 10 schools from 24th December, 2020 and have provided them with free sanitary napkins. We also conduct classes about menstruation and personal hygiene and how they should look after themselves. It is always great to interact with young girls and help them with their queries. After the session we play some games and snacks are also provided#Herbalife

Day 9 # VSWS in association with SG foundation conducted awareness programme in Nanda nagar school50 girls lot of discussion n fun#herbalife

Day 8#Naya basera # 50girls #VSWS in association with SG foundation disscussed lot of problems of adolesence solved their problems on sanitary napkins and menstruation and told them about cleanliness# Herbalife

Day 7# VSWS in association with SG foundation at Bal Vinay school Nehru park#Wonderful session with106 girls we did a Lot of discussion on adolescent health issues and distributed sanitary napkins and snacks

Day 5# Pipliyahana Aanganwadi60 packets of Sanitary napkin distributed…Let’s do good# Herbalife

Day 4 VSWS in association with SG foundation took sessions in Shanti Nagar and Nanda Nagar government schools, distribution of 100 packets of sanitary napkins and snacks. Had great fun interacting with the girls.Things about personal hygiene and sanitation were told with a legion of fun games!#Herbalife

Day 3, VSWS in association with SG foundation disrtbuted 50 packets of sanitary napkins followed by some snacks and lots of fun in the pipliyahana school ,Indore #herbalife??

Day 2, VSWS in association with SG foundation took three sessions in two government schools in kanadiya and mangliya distributed 200 packets of sanitary napkins followed by sanitation and hygiene class and snacks, it is always so good to interact with the lovely girls ?#herbalife

Day 1 of the Menstrual hygeine management programme in government school which was in Vinobha Nagar where VSWS in association with SG foundation distributed 100 packets of sanitary napkins to the girls, gave them information about menstruation and hygiene and later finished the session by distribution of snacks and made them play some games#HerbalifeCome on let’s do good ✌️⭐

Talking to the girls in small groups makes them comfortable on sensitive issues#Let’sdogood

Congratulations VSWS team for completing 101 sessions today at Musakhedi center on Menstrual Hygiene and Management program followed by awareness on Breast and Cervical Cancer to the 32 women present there.

It was accompanied with free distribution of snacks and sanitary pads.

International Women’s Day

On the event of International Women’s Day, Vijay Social Welfare Society and Child Development Centre’s Project Manager Mrs. Sangeeta Vijayvargiya, Supervisor Mrs. Neha Vyas, Mrs. Anita Tekchandani, and aanganwadi workers and helpers were rewarded on the stage and thanked for their hard work for the community. Awards, which were a token of appreciation for the groundwork these women have done in the past year, were given to five such social workers who have devoted their year to selfless service to the society, namely Mrs. Sangeeta Vijayvargiya, Mrs. Nidhi Suryavanshi, Mrs. Anuradha Ratnapaarkhi, Mrs. Namrata Savant, and Dr. Lalita Sharma. The organisation also conducted a self-defense camp for young girls on the occasion. Mrs. Tilottama Tare, and Madhuri moyde directors of the organisation, also distributed blankets to the attendees towards the end of the event.

Mrs. Diksha Moyde presented the vote of thanks. We would also like to thank and acknowledge respected members of the society who helped us in making the event successful, namely Mrs. Shweta Pandit, Mr. Vishal Pandit, Mrs. Sonali Barvey, Mrs. Rupali Trivedi and Mr. Vaibhav Trivedi.