विजय सोशल वेलफेयर सोसायटी द्वारा आयोजित वेबीनार: आओ सुनाऊँ तुम्हें एक कहानी ।

Vijay Social Welfare Foundation on June 27, 2021 organised a story fun session “ Aoo Sunau Tumhey Ek kahani” by Dr. Gurmeet Singh Narang. Dr. Narang is a known Global Happiness Coach and the founder of Tavleen Foundation. With his completely unique yet very engaging ways, Dr. Narang has taken up the excellent work to spread happiness and positivity in this strife ridden world. The session was attended by over 70 young, vibrant participants, and Dr. Narang with his very interesting anecdotes, similes and metaphors explained to these young minds the very intricate and complex idea of god, happiness, and an individual’s goals in their life. Dr. Narang started with a story about mother earth personified as an old lady, explaining the importance of happiness and the purpose of human life. Dr. Narang encouraged the children to nurture creativity for creativity nurtures “joy”,For “one must live to learn, to create and to stay happy” or as Dr. Narang would like to put it; “The World is a University, and we taken birth to learn, spend a lifetime of vacation in. But we as human have since lost purpose, fighting over trivial nothings and letting go off a precious life of love and happiness into rage and scorn. “My god is happy god” is a mantra he gave to the children. “How does this world works?” Dr. Narang in the very interactive and jovial session asked. “Like a seed, sprouting into a sapling, and then turning into into a tree that bears fragrant flowers or delicious fruits.” He elucidated; The crux being that the seed doesn’t sprout into a tree within mere days. It takes years of nurturing and and looking after. That is how world works, with patience. He also elaborated on how god is tantamount to nature, and represents the 5 elements of nature. As the session progressed, Dr. Narang introduced the young participants with the 4Cs one must avoid in life; Compare, Complain, Conflict and Criticism; and elucidated on how roll models aren’t decided over merely by how great or known the person is, but a true learner can learn something from everyone and anyone, irrespective if how significant it insignificant the society deems the individual to be.While the very realist topics of death and dying are usually are completely walked over eggshells around or are glazed over for children, Dr. Narang instead very gently yet deftly explained the usually morbid concept of life and death to the young minds. With his extraordinary way around metaphors, he explained how life is merely a bridge, one for you to cross over, not make a house on and settle down, and every individual must depart one day or another. It is a mere place one takes birth with a purpose to learn, vacation, be helpful and kind and stay joyful. As the wonderful session very sadly came to an end, Dr. Narang then answered doubts curious minds of the young individuals came up with, explaining each and every question with pleasure and meticulous attention. As one might guess, the session was full of joy and learnings, and for certain an enriching experience for all who attended it. Session was moderated by Mrs. Madhuri Moyde.

#Let‘s do good

Sunday Talk

Vijay social welfare society on Sunday, 6th June 2021 organised a webinar on The topic: Dealing with loneliness in adolescence. The webinar by Ms. Anchal Kapoor, Children and school counsellor, that was held from 3 to 4 in the afternoon, dealt with several different adolescents face while dealing with their age, the changes and loneliness that entail it.With skills and expertise developed over 8 years of work experience and having worked with students of different age groups, Ms Anchal Kapoor with deft expertise shed light on What is adolescence in psychological way and how loneliness and solitude though usually mistaken to be synonyms are contrastingly different. She further elucidated on what exactly cause this sudden change in behaviour and this bout of loneliness when a child enters into their adolescence years and how one can identify this loneliness, cope with it and ask for help when required. Ms. Kapoor introduced to young adults the unique method to cope with the loneliness by being “Alone- together”. Apart from meticulously explaining the topics in both English and Hindi for better comprehension of everyone, Ms. Kapoor also kept the session very interactive and interesting by explaining her take on the different world adolescents experience through a very detailed and interesting power point presentation, that also included videos to keep the girls engaged. Not keeping it strictly theoretical, Ms. Kapoor also shared with the children several real life stories pertaining to the topic, that certainly helped children relate and feel that they were not the only ones experiencing the loneliness. The webinar was attended by more than 80 young girls striving to adjust in the newly introduced adolescent lives, and the session certainly was very enlightening to them. #Let‘s do good