An Interactive Session on Nutritional Diet By Ms.Vandana Bagadiya(Nutriton Consultant)

Vijay Social Welfare Society on July 17, 2021 organized a session with certified Dietician, Ms. Vandana Bagadiya. Ms. Bagadiya has had extensive experience with diet and nutrition. She has previously been a sport dietitian for MPCA, Indore, and currently is the vice president at Indore chapter of Indian Dietetic Association. The session was attended by 20-40 young children. Ms. Bagadiya implicitly focused on the importance of a good and fitting diet, especially in these trying times of the pandemic. With the health of a power point presentation, she explained to the children what an ideal diet for a particular age group or of a particular gender looked like. She began with explaining the basic difference between junk food and healthy food and why the latter is always the better diet of the two. But acknowledging the fact how junk food is so palatable and much more appealing to the young generation, she then emphasized on the fact that to maintain a healthy diet, one need not completely let go of their favorite foods. She then went on to illustrate fitting changes and healthy alternatives for otherwise unhealthy foods. Apart from dietary requirements, ma’am also emphasized on the requirement of a consistent physical activity to keep the calories balanced. Ma’am also illustrated on a diet that is fitting to ward off Covid-19.Keeping the session interactive, ma’am continued with taking question from children, answering them in a simplified language with utmost patience. It was a very insightful session with lots of learnings for the children.

#Let’s do good…

Education is the key of Success

Education is a weapon to improve life. It is probably the most important tool to change one’s life. It is a lifelong process that ends with death. It improves knowledge, skills and develops the personality and attitude. After Keeping all these things in mind VSWS organized a cultural program on importance of education on 10th of July 2021. Around 30 students participated in various activities. Students took over the virtual stage with the permission. Students started off by performing a roleplay which was penned down by their own. The title of the role play was “Education for women” which depicted that how some people still don’t let their daughters’ study and think, getting a basic education is just a waste of time and money.Education improves and refines the speech of a person and also improve other means of communication with Education. Therefore, students gave speech as well as recited poems on Need and Importance of education. Writing a Speech and reciting a poem helps children in building their thoughts and improving their speech pattern. Education makes an individual a better user of technology. Therefore, some students made E-posters on education. There they drew their thoughts and wrote slogans on importance of education. And then in the end they concluded it by giving a vote of thanks to the listeners. Students enjoyed each and every activity. They heard their friend’s opinion about education. And in spite of bad weather, health or network, they were so excited that nothing could stop them that day from performing. Every kid has his own vision of doing something unique in life. Sometimes parents also dream of their kids to be at high professions like Doctors, Engineers, IAS officers, Sportsperson or Actors. All such goals of kids or parents can be achieved by education. In this competitive era, everyone must have a good education and sound knowledge to achieve goals of life and our team is trying hard to show these little angels the path towards their dreams.


विजय सोशल वेलफेयर सोसायटी द्वारा आयोजित वेबीनार: हम ऐसे क्यों हैं?

Vijay Social Welfare Society on Sunday, July 4th 2021 organised a very enjoyable session with Ms. Ritika Tiwari. Ms. Tiwari who was born in the holy city of Banaras, is an avid reader and a prolific writer. Apart from being an extremely jovial and relaxed person, she’s also an enthusiastic thinker, a habit she tried to inculcate in the participating children. The session was attended by 40 young girls and boys, where Ms. Tiwari introduced herself to the children as one “Ms. Khayali” Session was moderated by Madhavi Moyde.The entire session was abundant with warmth and enthusiasm, and Ms. Tiwari encouraged the children to share what came to their eager minds, and also listen to what their fellow mates had to share. She started with unique questions, making children ponder over the ideas she was aiming at. In a very comprehensive and easy language, Ms. Tiwari explained to the children what Cognitive functions were and how each one of us by the virtue of our minds is different from every other person. She further elaborated on what made human minds different from the ever proliferating AI. To better explain her point, she asked the children to write down 5 things that they liked or hated about themselves or anyone or anything around. The children then were asked to read them put, chance by chance. Ms. Tiwari then explained how each of their likes and dislikes were different, and that similarly all around, every being was special in their own way, and no should change merely to fit in. The session though full of fun was also very insightful for the young minds.

#Lets do good.