Seed ball making workshop on World Environment Day

On the occasion of world environment day, June 5,2022 Vijay Social Welfare Society conducted various Seed making workshops in association with GCT. In the workshops children understood the importance of plants in our life and how seed balls are going to help us to grow more trees. Children were very excited to contribute in preserving the natural resources and in turn collectively made 2000 seed balls. At the end, this event was celebrated and appreciated by numerous local and national organizations and govt entities. Special thanks to Mr. Dinesh Mandhanya for guiding us.


Refreshing drinks provided to vegetable vendors and their customers by young volunteers of VSWS

20 young VSWS volunteers took an initiative to provide refreshing drinks like Jaljeera and chilled water to the vegetable vendors and their customers amid the scorching heat in the Monday Sabji Mundi.

Also, various packets of biscuits were distributed to the little ones coming with their parents and sitting in this heat to sell vegetables.

It was a beautiful experience for the whole VSWS team to support these poor vendors and their family members. The team worked with the motto “har pyase ki pyaas bhujhana..” Let’s do good

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Adoption of “10” Anganwadi’s to support Madhya-Pradesh Chief Minister Campaign

CM of MP has started a campaign, Adopt an Aanganwadi , to improve the quality of their working. To support this initiative VSWS has adopted 10 Aangawadi’s and has been successfully handling it’s functions. Today VSWS team has donated a ceiling fan, various toys, stationary items and a table to an aanganwadi in Dheeraj Nagar. The team had a lot of fun with multiple learning activities .Special thanks to Mr. Prakalp Jain and Priyanka…Let’s do good!

Summer Camp Organized by VSWS

VSWS welcomed Acropolis students during summer camp where the kids had a lot of fun, they played games together, danced on party songs , did distribution of stationery items and chocolates. Lots of enjoyment and Masti !! Let’s do good 😊

Let’s Do Good

A seven years old boy Vedansh Namdev has multiple disabilities and is not able to move, speak, hear or even see completely. He is totally bed ridden and the mother bearing another child, with no physical impairment, is a divorcee and works on daily wages. She had approached VSWS for support as she wasn’t able to take care of this child any more due to her work regime. Doctors are also not in any position to say about him and no specific treatment is available at all.. He just lives on milk. VSWS enquired about everything and after general medical investigation and covid test, he has been shifted to Shri parmanand hospital Panchkuiya with the help of Bal Kalyan samiti. Thanks to Ms Pallavi Parwal and Anita ma’am for helping us in this noble cause. Let’s do good!


“God cannot be everywhere, and therefore so he made mothers.” – by Rudyard Kipling.

Mother’s Day is a very special day, and we all celebrate Mother’s Day whole heartedly to bring a great smile on our mother’s face and to honor her sacrifices. Usually, this day is celebrated by pampering and appreciating our mothers for the important roles that she plays in our life, and for all of the wonderful things that they have done for us. All mothers are given this special day to be shown gratitude, respect and appreciation for all hardships that they go through in bringing up their children. And VSWS, of course, celebrated this marvelous day with all the children and their families, in which all the children made a gift for their moms, making them feel like a queen with a grand smile on everyone’s face. This is a celebration which is celebrated by underprivileged children, who are being trained at VSWS organisation. This celebration marked a very important day in all those children’s life and its impact in their life, moulding their emotions to another level towards their mother. Along with this, giving a message to every woman, of every class, that if they are mothers, then they are equally deserved to be happy on this day and celebrate it with their family, realizing their importance. After all, Mother’s Day was originated as a day to celebrate hard-working mothers. All the nice presents are great but there should also come a celebration of the day as it was intended, to honor mothers with love and extra time and respect for all their hard work. All the children celebrated this marvelous occasion with their mother’s, making them happy, as if all the kids are reverting back the love given by their mother throughout the year; making them feel special, and to say a big thank you to their mothers in a number of ways. They bestowed love upon their mother, making her realize that all her sacrifices were worth it, bringing back the confidence in their mothers, and to replace all insecurities with confidence and giving a chance to all the family members to show their love towards her. This event was normally held to address issues affecting women and mothers and to propose ways in which those challenges can be dealt with and to remind everyone as a society about the joy of motherhood and what it means to the community. Mother’s Day is also an opportunity for kids to learn a lot many things which was the crux of organizing this event by the VSWS. Preparing a collaboration of every child with her mother, whatever the circumstances may be. It has a huge impact on society and on the thinking way of the children. Many kids would like to think that what their moms want is to be with their families and spend the day being a family, not all moms view Mother’s Day this way. Moms are busier and busier, and many see the day as a chance to be with their family. Kids, through this event, would learn to put her needs first on Mother’s Day and accept it. Being gracious teaches compassion and sacrifice more than just doing anything on this day. It is no co-incidence that a child gravitates towards the mother, in fact mother is also a complete institution for her child. From raising a child to inculcating morals and values into them, to playing a crucial role in their future development; a mother makes a tremendous contribution in her child’s life, which Mother’s Day depict graciously. The love of a mother for her child is so beautiful, so powerful, so sacred, it is almost impossible to capture it in words. Seeing the smiling faces of the kids, it seems as if a mother does not raise a child; a mother raises the future. And that’s true. Raising a child is the toughest, the most responsible task any human is assigned. This event gives this message to the patriarchal society that it is a task that has no financial reward, yet it is esteemed highest in the society. Apart from raising and educating the child, and inculcating values and ethics into them, a mother makes important contributions in deciding the course of her child’s life. His mother is his friend; he plays and spends quality time with her. On this day, every child realized that her mother is his wealth of information; he learns love, compassion, forgiveness, humanity, equality, kind-heartedness, respect, generosity and ethics from her. A mother is an amalgam of emotions. She is a complete package and indeed the best teacher a child could have. Everyone is aware of the fact that a child’s future depends on the guidance and training of a mother, it is crucial that mother spends as much time with her child(ren) as possible, and thus signifies the importance of this event to be enjoyed. Studies have proven that an attachment between a mother and her baby helps build an emotional bond. Such an attachment is imperative to building confidence in the child. On the other hand, a lack of this attachment leads to anxiety, depression, hostility and aggression in the child. A mother-child bond is key to emotional development. Research says that children who have an insecure attachment with their mothers are prone to developing behavioral problems later in their life. A mother’s attachment with a child has a deep impact physiologically and psychosocially. Dr Leslie Atkinson, professor of psychology from Biopsychosocial Development Lab, says, “Attachment is the child’s first strategy to deal with stress. As such, it plays a major role in our mental health as adults.” In a nutshell, the importance of celebrating Mother’s Day can be stated as women rule the world – sometimes by themselves, other times through the children they brilliantly brought up. It gives a message to everyone that all mothers are same – they dole out heaps of love to their children and expect very little in return. All they ask for is respect, love and gratitude. Years may have gone by, and things have changed around us but one thing that remains consistent throughout these years is our mother’s unconditional love for us. All of our mothers are unique and that is why we love them! This day is all about celebrating maternal love. So, Mother’s Day also has a deep personal significance, one that strengthens the bond of love between a mother and child. Mother’s Day should always be a day that is filled with joy and peace. They say there is nothing stronger more than the bond that exists between mother and child. Let’s do good