Adoption of “10” Anganwadi’s to support Madhya-Pradesh Chief Minister Campaign

CM of MP has started a campaign, Adopt an Aanganwadi , to improve the quality of their working. To support this initiative VSWS has adopted 10 Aangawadi’s and has been successfully handling it’s functions. Today VSWS team has donated a ceiling fan, various toys, stationary items and a table to an aanganwadi in Dheeraj Nagar. The team had a lot of fun with multiple learning activities .Special thanks to Mr. Prakalp Jain and Priyanka…Let’s do good!

Christmas Celebration

This Christmas VSWS had a blast with the kids. We had arranged a celebration where there was interactive session, chocolates, biscuits, gifts and food of course.
Kids and the members of VSWS were rejoiced when they played games, recited poems, distributed chocolates and biscuits in a cheerful Christmas spirit. The session was then followed by the Christmas feast for the kids which put a smile on their faces.
Special thanks to Anjali for thinking about all of this in advance. Let’s do good