VSWS Supports The “Mai Hu Jholadhari ” Project

To encourage the usage of cloth bags over plastic ones, VSWS supports the #maihujholadhari project. This idea supports the use of “Jhola” which is a traditional cloth bag. The project was boosted with the presence of Mr. Shankar Lalwani , Member of the Lok Sabha, Madhavi had a talk with him and the opportunity to discuss and support this initiative. #Let‘s do good.

Use Cloth bags and Eliminate Plastic Bags

The distribution has started by keeping in mind that people who are influential are given it 1st so that more and more people get to know about it, awareness increases and people start to use Cloth bags and eliminate plastic bags from their lives this is a small initiative to make the city a cleaner and greener place. 1st I. Gave it to the director of Ashoka yashveer sir second is Dr. Gurmeet Narang a great motivator and a writer and Dr. Ashok Khandelwal #letsdogood

पर्यावरण सम्मत गणेशोत्सव 2019

नगर पालिक निगम, इंदौर एवं जल एवं तालाब संरक्षण समिति इंदौर द्वारा संयुक्त रूप से चलाये जा रहे “पर्यावरण सम्मत गणेशोत्सव 2019” के अंतर्गत मूर्ती विसर्जन हेतु शहर में लगभग 80 स्थानों पर अस्थायी “पर्यावरण हितैषी कुण्ड” लगाए लगाये है। इस अभियान में विजय सोशल वेलफेयर सोसायटी ने भीअपनी सेवाएं प्रदान की#अंनत चतुर्दशी 12 sep 2019

Environmentally Consentaneous Ganeshotsav


Under the “Environmentally Consentaneous Ganeshotsav 2019”, jointly run by Municipal
Corporation, Indore and Water and Pond Conservation Society Indore,temporary
‘Eco-friendly pools’ have been installed at about 80 places in the city for idol immersion.
Vijay Social welfare Society also provided its services in this campaign. #AnantChaturdashi
12 Sep 2019

Ecofriendly Ganesha

30 August 2019 # Ecofriendly Ganesha # Vijay Social Welfare society conducted workshop for 200 kids of Prudential Kids school# shudh Mitti with panchdravya # session on conservation of water bodies # Great experience

Take Care

Plantation done last year# taken care # Now one year old # at Mandsour

Eco Friendly Ganesha Workshop

Ecofriendly Ganesha making workshop # 25 August 2019 conducted by Vijay social welfare society attended by all age groups# Dr. Gunwant Joshi,
Ex Chief Scientist,Pollution Control Board Member, water and lake conservation society, took session on conservation of rivers n Ganpati viserjan…. Thankful to Mr. Sunil Vyas from pollution control board, Dr. Joshi, Mr. Bhatnagar & Mr. Sandeep Pare for their graceful presence and motivating people for this habit of good work.